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Cambridge Facilities & Site Maintenance

We provide professional facilities management in Cambridge for businesses in a wide range of sectors.

As a family-run business we pride ourselves on our customer care, attention to detail and the ability to take on almost any challenge. Our clients are leaders at what they do and they are able to focus on growing their profits, knowing they have a trusted partner that manages their properties exceptionally well.

We offer various services needed to run a successful business, from health and safety inspections and provision of equipment, through to surveillance and access systems - all with 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

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Our values

Over the past ten years of providing facilities management services in Cambridge, we have built up a reputation of being a reliable, friendly and hard-working company.

More than anything we value our relationship with our clients and work hard to provide a consistently exceptional service. This is achieved by ensuring all systems are regularly tested and there are contingencies in place to reduce downtime. We run regular scheduled tests and in most cases, can ensure everything runs smoothly from day one for our clients.

As an eco-friendly company, we also consider the impact to the environment in our decision-making and have made reducing the carbon footprint of the workplace a vital part of our sustainable business.

That is why we source sustainable materials where possible and ensure good recycling practices at every building we manage.

Facilities management in Cambridge

Cambridge is known in the UK for its focus on education and technology companies, leading the way in design and innovation. Around 50% of businesses started in the area are still in operation after the crucial five year period, which is a testament to the huge talent available and the support from the local community.

Properly managed workplaces to conduct business are also essential to that success, giving businesses the support they need to focus on profitability and growth. Provision of clean, safe workplaces with inspection certificates, clean air and water and effective security systems help protect assets and reduce risks to health for employees.

Here are just some of the facilities services we provide to Cambridge businesses and other clients in the UK.

Water and air hygiene

With increased staff returning from remote work back to the office, air quality has become a big topic of conversation.

Even before COVID-19 made air hygiene a priority, it was still important to have good air circulation in workplaces. Good air ventilation controls odours and dilutes gases such as carbon dioxide. Having clean, fresh air circulating through a workplace can also increase the productivity of employees and boost their wellbeing.

As part of our duty of care, we regularly provide inspections and checks to reduce the risk of illness caused by these factors.

CCTV & access control

CCTV is a necessity for modern businesses, many of whom have a range of expensive technology on-site, which is vital to their operations. Well-placed CCTV systems can act as a deterrent to criminals and can be used to successfully identify and locate individuals both inside and outside a facility.

CCTV cameras and access control systems can also help businesses record the whereabouts of employees and company assets, providing a deterrent against theft and other criminality both inside and outside the business.

We provide maintenance and upgrades for CCTV systems. If you are looking to install CCTV for the first time, we can come to your site and advise you on where your cameras should be placed to maximise coverage and reduce blind-spots. We also make recommendations to block technology the criminals have been known to use to evade security measures - this will vary depending on your set-up.

Support across different sectors

Here at Tempus FM, we provide facilities maintenance in Cambridge for businesses in a wide range of industries. From fitness facilities to manufacturing and everything in between, we deliver an all-in-one property management service.

We understand that each workplace is unique, and at different times of the day, month, or year, you may be more or less busy. We can work during your idle hours to make sure that when you are at your busiest, everything is ready to go.

To date, our clients are all unique and have specific challenges - from a large restaurant and bar chain, a gym chain, and an independent girls' secondary school to name a few. Over the years, our role has evolved as we take on more responsibility and provide additional support.

Flexibility is key to what we do, so whether you work in a small building or in one of multiple nationwide sites, we can scale our services to meet your exact needs. Regardless of where you work or the work you do, we can help.

Where we work

We work right across the UK, including in Cambridgeshire. Whether you are in the woodland near Wisbech or just down the road from the air museum in Duxford, the service you provide will be of the exact same high standard with our well-respected attention to detail and customer care.

Tempus FM began as a small family business in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, over a decade ago. Today we are a nationwide company, proud to have a dedicated team that provides proactive and reactive maintenance for buildings and properties every day.

For any enquiries or further information regarding our services, feel free to contact us on 01702 548 950 or email us at helpdesk@tempusfm.co.uk.