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Access & Security Services

Tempus has provided complete security services for commercial, industrial, educational, domestic, retail and health markets for over ten years. We work with a wide range of companies across the United Kingdom to ensure their physical properties are secure and their assets are protected. Whether you’re a small, family-run business or a nationwide enterprise, we can scale our services to match your real-time security needs.

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CCTV systems

CCTV systems are the first line of defence for the modern workplace. Not only are they a strong deterrent against petty theft and crime, but they provide complete coverage of your grounds and buildings so you know who is present on your property at all times. CCTV systems can also prove to be excellent investments as they can save money long-term with situations such as insurance claims. They can also provide evidence in case of a break-in, which can be used by police to identify and apprehend intruders.

Without CCTV systems, your team members are likely to feel less secure and comfortable while at work. This is particularly true if you work with valuable assets or materials that would increase the chance of criminals targeting your building. Tempus can work with you to assess your current security systems and provide maintenance, repairs or upgrades in order to ensure complete coverage of your premises. This way, both you and your team members will have peace of mind because of that extra layer of security.

Intruder alarm systems & alarm monitoring

There is a range of intruder alarm systems to choose from, with different levels of security available depending on your preferences. If your business is in a built-up area, then perhaps a bells-only alarm system would be best suited. This alarm simply makes a loud noise that will either scare off intruders or alert nearby people to the intrusion.

But if your business is isolated and you can’t rely on others to notice and report an intrusion, then perhaps a dialler alarm system would be better. This alarm will contact nominated individuals when triggered, who can then call the police directly.

If you want to be assured that any problems with security will be dealt with quickly, then you may be interested in alarm monitoring. Tempus can observe your alarm system around the clock and always be ready to react in case your alarm is triggered.

Smoke Cloak Systems

Smoke cloak systems are proactive security alarms that stop intruders in their tracks. Within seconds of a break-in, they will fill the protected area with a cloud of impenetrable fog. While CCTV and intruder alarms can alert you to a break-in, they can’t always deter criminals. This is where taking extra measures, such as installing smoke cloak systems, can elevate your security to the next level.

Installing and maintaining smoke cloak systems takes specialist knowledge. Tempus can take responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of this system to make sure it’s always set up correctly.

Intercom systems

Intercom systems have become a popular method of communicating inside a building or a small collection of buildings. They have evolved from the simple single-line buzzer panel, and now provide versatile solutions for many workplaces. Businesses can now benefit from the following range of intercom systems:

  • Wireless intercoms

  • Wired intercoms

  • Video intercoms

  • Two-way radios

  • Security intercoms

Tempus can help your business to choose the right intercom system that meets your needs. For example, if visual verification is needed to allow individuals on your site to certain areas, then a video intercom system would be more beneficial than a two-way radio. Security intercom systems are frequently used for doors that are always kept locked, which may be necessary if you work with valuable assets and materials. You might need multiple types of intercom systems on your site. In this scenario, Tempus can provide you with flexible and customised communications to help your day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible.

Automated and manual barriers, doors, gates and shutters

Automated barriers, doors, gates and shutters are designed to provide long-term reliability and security. These systems can be customised to suit your exact needs, and once installed will help to increase efficiency on your site. As automated barriers and gates do not need to be manned, you can avoid wasting further resources on this aspect of your security. Even in the event of a power failure, Tempus can manually override these systems to keep them working as intended.

Whether you need a simple barrier to automatically allow individuals access to restricted areas or a complex shutter system to prevent entry to your site during certain hours, Tempus can provide a solution.


Security fencing plays a crucial role in protecting commercial residences from the threat of break-ins and vandalism. Tempus can build and install security fences made from a range of different materials to make sure you’re getting the right combination of strength and durability. We can also integrate further security solutions into the construction of your fences, such as built-in gaps for CCTV and climb-resistant meshing.

Locksmith services

Our locksmith services include emergency call-outs for key cutting, changing locks and providing repairs to all sorts of broken locking mechanisms. We understand that being locked out of essential rooms and areas can be an emergency, which is why we provide a 24/7/365 urgent maintenance Helpdesk.


Glazing provides an extra layer of security that will help to prevent even the most determined intruders from gaining entry to your premises. Breaking glass panels in windows and doors is one of the easiest and most common ways of gaining access to a building by force.

Secondary glazing uses frames made from strong aluminium that is securely locked in place to prevent them from being forced aside. Furthermore, it comes with an option to add toughened glass that is less likely to smash or shatter under extreme force.

For businesses that display valuable assets behind glass panelling, glazing provides an additional physical barrier that will make life very difficult for any would-be intruders. Tempus can work with you to provide secondary glazing that is tailored to suit the needs of your site.

If the unthinkable happens and your doors or windows are broken or smashed, you can contact us via our 24/7/365 Helpdesk for urgent assistance. We can provide you with a fast and effective boarding up service to make sure that your building is secure. This means you will have peace of mind that your assets are secure while you are making necessary arrangements.

What’s more, is that our highly trained team can provide you with tailored solutions depending on your building to strengthen your security and prevent a similar incident from occurring.

Manned Guarding

The presence of a security guard on your property will act as a deterrent to intruders and petty thieves whilst also ensuring protection for your staff and visitors. At Tempus, our licensed security officers will help to prevent unauthorised access and reduce the risk of theft, destruction and damages.

We provide our services across a range of industries. Whether you work in an office, school, college, warehouse or construction site, our officers can adapt to your working environment. You will have peace of mind that there is a trained individual on your premises who will quickly be able to identify and react to threats and respond to emergency situations. As we always provide flexible solutions here at Tempus, we can scale up or scale down our services depending on your needs.

If you don’t feel the need for a security guard to be on your premises 24/7, but you do want to have some kind of security measure in place, we can perform security patrols on your site. We can do this at regular intervals to prevent break-ins, vandalism and to ensure the safety of your building and assets.

To give you extra peace of mind, we also provide a keyholding service. As an established family-run business, we’ve built a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company. You can rely on us to hold your keys and to quickly react to any breaches of security on your site. Our trained and professional security team will take care of security issues on your behalf, meaning the pressure will be taken off you and your team in the event of an emergency.

Security Patrol

Here at Tempus, we understand that visibility and security are of paramount importance to many businesses. Nothing can beat having someone on your premises to absolutely make sure your property and assets are secure. We provide a comprehensive security patrol service to reduce the risk of intruders trespassing on your property and committing crimes such as vandalism and theft.

Our team is highly trained to respond to all manner of security situations. So if we’re halfway through a patrol and we spot suspicious activity on your property, we will take swift and effective action to secure your site.


Concierge security guards play a crucial role in helping staff, customers, visitors and guests feel safe and welcome on your property. The role of a concierge is to engage with visitors and build a rapport with them, which helps to make a good first impression on your business. This gives a concierge an opportunity to identify potential troublemakers and prevent suspicious activity. It also means you will have an individual trained in health and safety on the ground floor of your building who can prevent minor incidents from turning into major emergencies. As a concierge directly represents your business, it’s important that this service is provided by a security company you can trust.

Here at Tempus, we have over ten years of experience delivering security services to businesses across a range of sectors. Take a look at some of our case studies to see the long-standing working relationships we have established with our clients.

Emergency Security Measures

We provide a 24/7/365 Helpdesk service as we understand that emergencies can occur at any time on any day. Whether it’s during normal business hours or in the middle of the night, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong. We are fully prepared to respond to urgent callouts, and this includes emergency security measures.

If members of your security team are unavailable at short notice, we’ll be on hand to provide you with trained staff members who can fill in for your missing employees so your routine isn’t disturbed. We can also deliver emergency locksmithing services and if you need an area of your premises to be quickly boarded up, we can take care of that too.

Vacant Property Inspections

In most circumstances, guarding a vacant property full time is not necessary or financially sustainable. However, carrying out regular inspections on vacant properties is necessary for insurance compliance. We can carry out these inspections on your premises, making sure that your vacant property is compliant with the necessary regulations.

While on your site, we will make sure your property is secure and that the building fabrics are not being affected by service failings such as leaks and power outages. We can also perform basic repairs, such as replacing broken door handles and fixing faulty lights. Once we have completed our inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings and completed work.

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