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Here at Tempus, we deliver our facility management services across many sectors. Initially starting out as a small, family-run business, Tempus has evolved over the years into a nationwide provider of property management services.

Everything at Tempus is about the customer, and we take pride in delivering on every aspect of our client’s needs. So regardless of the sector, the size of your building or your specific requirements, we will work tirelessly to deliver you an effective and tailored solution.

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Tempus delivers a range of facility management services to the hospitality sector. Recent events have had a drastic impact on the hospitality sector, changing the way the entire industry operates. Cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing are now more essential than ever before for every pub, restaurant and cafe that has reopened after lockdown restrictions eased.

We have helped a wide range of businesses adapt to the new normal. Whether it’s planned maintenance to comply with the new COVID-19 regulations or increased cleaning of high-contact areas, we have been on hand to provide versatile and robust solutions.

By scheduling our visits, we can provide regular maintenance on your site and make sure you are complying with health and safety regulations. We understand that the re-opening after COVID-19 has not been easy for many pubs and restaurants, and keeping track of compliance can take up more of your precious time and resources. By passing this responsibility onto us, you can give yourself one less thing to worry about and have the peace of mind that your building is fully compliant.

Flexibility is key to our service. Whether you run a small, family-run cafe on the outskirts of a village or a chain of restaurants spread across the country, our skilled and experienced team can deliver a complete solution for your buildings. And if you ever need additional support, you can always call us at any time. And when we say any time, we mean any time. Our Helpdesk is operational 24/7/365, meaning we will always be there to help in urgent situations.


The spread of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of the healthcare system in this country and truly shown just how valuable this sector is. In order for the doctors, nurses and other essential healthcare workers to focus on saving lives, there is a lot that must be completed behind the scenes.

Tempus works closely with hospitals, clinics and surgeries to take care of all aspects related to property management. We take pride in keeping our client’s sites secure, safe and fully functional. We do this to the highest of standards, knowing that we are taking any unnecessary pressure away from key workers and allowing them to give their undivided attention to their crucial work.

We understand how important it is for the healthcare industry to operate safely and efficiently. We provide a tailored service to every one of our clients, making sure that we attend to the real-time requirements for each working environment. For hospitals, this might mean we perform maintenance during idle hours so as not to disturb the day-to-day activities of busy nurses and doctors. We also take into consideration the discretion and sensitivity required to work in the healthcare industry.


Since the reopening of gyms and leisure centres, Tempus has been providing facilities management services to help fitness centres get back into their stride. We understand the needs and requirements in this industry, and our goal is to ensure gyms and leisure centres are safe, clean and comfortable.

After so many months where physical activity has been limited, we know it is important for people to get to the gym, whether they are fitness enthusiasts or someone who wants to get in shape. Gyms are more than just buildings for exercise. They are safe, positive environments that allow for personal growth and development. For many people, gyms play an integral role in creating a healthy lifestyle, which is so crucial right now given the past year has really taken a toll for many on their physical health.

As many gyms peak at certain hours of the day, we make sure that everything is in place when it needs to be. High-contact surfaces are wiped, toilets are cleaned, and communal working out areas will always be spotless and ready for use.

As well as providing planned preventative maintenance, we’re also always on-hand for urgent call outs and reactive maintenance. So if a pipe bursts or the power goes down during peak hours, you can just give us a call.


Our property management services help businesses in the entertainment sector to provide an amazing experience for their customers. In addition to the event itself, your visitors will enjoy sparkling clean facilities and a well-maintained environment that will truly let the main event shine.

From sports stadiums to trampoline parks and bowling alleys, we cover all aspects of managing buildings in the entertainment industry. Our extensive knowledge gained by working on all manner of buildings means we know how to best tackle the challenges we face. You can rest assured that we will take care of every aspect of your site so that you’ll be able to focus on what really matters.

As well as making sure that your entertainment venue is looking good, we can also make sure it’s compliant with health and safety. We understand that this is an area of extreme importance as it covers fire safety, electrical safety, water safety, asbestos management and more. From risk assessments to general maintenance and resolving issues, we will cover all aspects of your health and safety regulations across your buildings.

We also provide a reactive maintenance service because we know that accidents can happen at any time on any day. That’s why our Helpdesk is available 24/7/365. Whether it’s the middle of the night or on a bank holiday weekend, if you need us, we’ll answer your call.


We are specialists in providing a range of facility management services for the housing sector across the UK. Whether it’s social housing, commercial housing or supported projects, we can handle the diverse requirements of our clients and their specific situations.

Here at Tempus, our services go beyond the management of buildings and properties. We understand that our responsibility extends to creating a clean, safe environment for residents and communities. We work hard and draw on our expertise to deliver health and safety compliant solutions for the housing sector.


Here at Tempus, we have experience working closely with a major manufacturer in the construction industry. This means we know the importance of minimising downtimes and ensuring that compliance is met. Many plants must pass thorough audits by organisations within the sector, and failure to meet the required standards could result in a factory being shut down and a massive loss in revenue.

Unlike other environments, manufacturing plants have unique risks specific to their products and processes. We know how important the plant operation is to your business, which is why ensuring health and safety compliance is our top priority. By quickly getting to grips with your company’s overall business strategy and how our services will support that, we’ll be able to deliver effective facilities management to your plant.

Care Homes

When providing our property management services for care homes, we take into consideration the unique needs of both employees and residents in the building. Occupants in care homes require a clean, safe environment that is comfortable for them to live in as long-term residents. They may also need better lighting to help with vision and carefully regulated temperature to help keep them comfortable throughout the year.

We understand the particular needs that go into providing maintenance in a social care setting. We also know how hard the employees work, and how little time they have for anything other than providing excellent care for their residents. That is why we take on full responsibility for the maintenance of the building. Our experienced team will always be on hand to ensure your residents and employees can enjoy a safe, clean and well-maintained environment.


We are experienced in providing facility management services for the education sector. Taking care of nurseries, schools and colleges is a crucial part of day-to-day operations. With hundreds, sometimes thousands, of children on-site five days a week, there is a constant need for repairs, maintenance and risk assessments.

We understand the importance of taking a proactive approach, so we’re always on the front foot. If you have a sports day or a big event coming up, such as the first in-person parents’ evening of the year, we’ll be on hand to provide you with support. Whether you need help moving hundreds of tables and chairs into the exam hall or setting up additional hand sanitising stations throughout the building, we’ll be there to complete the task.

Public Sector

We work closely with central and local governments to deliver a range of facilities management services that make a positive impact on communities. We understand that public expenditure can change at short notice, which is why we provide a flexible and tailored service to ensure we always deliver value for money while staying within budget.

From the cleaning and disinfection of communal facilities to the maintenance of fire safety equipment, we use our expertise to improve the quality of public services. Over the years, we have created and maintained trusted partnerships with local councils, helping them to keep various buildings in good condition. With every task, we remain committed to our social corporate responsibility and making a positive impact on the communities we work in.


Delivering facilities management services to such a fast-paced and bustling industry poses unique challenges. We find it extremely rewarding to provide our range of services that ensure satisfaction for our clients in the logistics industry. Making sure everything is in place to allow you to operate at maximum efficiency is our top priority.

Warehouses and industrial sites can be hazardous areas to work in, which means health and safety compliance is our prime concern. We also provide a whole host of other services, such as cleaning and maintenance of the warehouse, building fabric repairs, mechanical and electrical repairs and planned preventive maintenance.


Here at Tempus, we keep up with the new regulations and legislation. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer viable in the modern retail industry. We work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions to help process maximum demand while keeping staff and customers safe. We will ensure your customers are always first and that their experience while on your premises is second to none. Whether you have one independent store or a chain across the country, we will maintain the same high standards throughout.

Property Agents/Management

Over the years, Tempus has evolved, and this growth has seen us expand into new territories and take on further responsibilities. We have built strong, honest relationships with property management companies. We oversee their real estate properties and make sure they are cared for, monitored and fit for purpose.

Our experience includes residential, commercial and industrial properties. We take away the pressure of cleaning, maintaining and securing properties so that our clients can focus on selling, leasing and advising on property portfolios. Regardless of the type of property, our levels of commitment and accountability remain the same.