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Tempus provides facilities management for the fitness industry, helping you to meet targets on time and ensure health and safety compliance on-site.

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Facilities Management in the fitness sector

After so many months where physical activity has been limited, we know it is important for people to get to the gym, whether they are fitness enthusiasts or someone who wants to get in shape. Gyms are more than just buildings for exercise.

They are safe, positive environments that allow for personal growth and development. For many people, gyms play an integral role in creating a healthy lifestyle, which is so crucial right now given the past year has really taken a toll for many on their physical health.

The health and fitness industry is rapidly growing and with over 7,200 health and fitness centres with a combined ten million members, the United Kingdom is a true fitness hotspot.

The sheer number of gyms and fitness centres across the country means that competition is fierce. One of the best ways to stand out and attract loyal customers is to ensure your building and facilities are in excellent condition.

However, when you have a constant flow of gym-goers who are using shared facilities, it can be difficult to maintain cleanliness and the functionality of the equipment. This is where a trusted facilities management business can help.

How Tempus can help you overcome your challenges

We understand that each workplace is different. In the fitness sector, there are a number of non-negotiable factors that must be met at all times. Tempus can act as an extension of your team, helping you to meet targets on time and ensure health and safety compliance on-site.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene have never been more important than it is now. Especially as gyms are closed environments where individuals are sharing equipment, it’s essential that a high level of cleanliness is observed at all times.

Tempus provides an all-in-one service, meaning we can help with every aspect of your building management. From disinfecting bathrooms to cleaning your external grounds and removing waste, we will ensure a high level of cleanliness on your premises.

Health and safety

As we take on full responsibility for many of our clients in this area, we have developed particular expertise when it comes to ensuring health and safety compliance.

Regardless of your working environment or the hazards involved, our skilled and experienced team will ensure that risks have been reviewed and managed in accordance with the current legislation.

Avoiding equipment downtime

For many gym-goers, the main reason they pay is to use equipment they either can’t afford or don’t have room for in their homes. Equipment availability is a direct measure of the service being provided to customers.

If equipment in gyms experiences too much downtime, customers may become frustrated. In fact, studies have shown that there is a correlation between equipment downtime and member retention. Members at clubs with higher equipment uptime stay, on average, for three months longer than clubs with greater downtime.

The best way to prevent equipment downtime is with planned preventative maintenance. Tempus can regularly perform thorough checks on your equipment to ensure operational stability and prevent gear from breaking down at a later date.

If a piece of equipment needs work immediately or at some point in the near future, we will include this information in a full, detailed report at the end of every PPM review. This way, we will keep track of how all equipment is performing and ensure we provide a solution before a problem occurs.

We understand that gyms are extremely busy during peak hours, so all maintenance work will be completed at a time that will cause minimal disruption to your daily activities.

Providing customer service

Excellent customer is another crucial element of a successful fitness centre. On-site staff will be busy answering questions, explaining how machines work and supervising for health and safety.

By leaving the maintenance of the building in our hands, you can ensure that your team will remain fully focused on assisting customers. Whether it’s minor repairs or more complex issues, you don’t want your employees using precious time trying to find a solution when they could be providing a better experience for customers instead.

24/7/365 Emergency Support

Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that accidents can happen. In addition to our planned preventative maintenance, we’ll also be on hand 24/7/365 through our Helpdesk. So if you have an emergency at midnight or first thing in the morning, we’ll be there to provide you with a solution as quickly as possible.

Case study

For the past two years, Tempus has worked closely with a gym chain, providing 24/7/365 support for all of their 13 sites throughout London. We have provided them with planned maintenance, reactive repairs and have evolved our services to include new installations and management of their daily operations.

Our goal is to ensure all gym-goers across the 13 sites have a safe, clean and comfortable environment to exercise in. This means providing an all-in-one service that covers health and safety, cleanliness, hygiene and fast response times to urgent situations. By doing this, we have removed the burden of building maintenance from our clients and allowed them to focus solely on their business.