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Cleaning, Hygiene & Environmental Services

Tempus Facilities Management provides bespoke cleaning services, both interior and exterior, for buildings across the United Kingdom. Having a clean and well-maintained working environment has always been beneficial for businesses. It boosts productivity, has a positive effect on well-being and allows businesses to make the most of their space.

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Cleanliness has become an essential part of preventing the spread of disease. Regardless of the sector you work in, cleanliness and sanitation is critical to protecting employee health, reduce the likelihood of pests and maintain the highest professional standards.

Depending on the working environment, this could mean installing handwashing stations, having areas regularly cleaned and a plentiful supply of relevant PPE.

Whatever your needs are, Tempus can work with you to provide a complete solution. With a large and experienced team, we can scale our services up or down to meet your real-time needs and ensure health and safety compliance.

Regular and periodic cleaning

Here at Tempus, we understand that having cleaners on-site during peak hours is not ideal. Our goal is to seamlessly provide you with essential services without disrupting your business. We will adapt to your schedule so that you can always keep your focus on your key priorities.

Our team of highly efficient cleaners will thoroughly clean your building during your idle hours. This means that your staff and customers will enjoy a clean environment without them ever having to navigate around our cleaning team. Whether you need cleaning once a week or twice a day, Tempus can provide you with a solution.

Deep and specialist cleaning

We can deliver thorough deep cleaning services across your internal and external facilities to ensure health and safety compliance and keep your systems and building fabrics in good condition. If you work with specialist equipment or in a unique environment, we can still accommodate your needs.

Our team of skilled professionals has experience working across a range of sectors, such as fitness, hospitality and manufacturing. We have the skills and knowledge required to adapt to your working environment and complete the task at hand.


Fogging is a treatment used to disinfect large spaces or rooms. While fogging is effective at disinfecting surfaces, it can be dangerous and should only be performed by competent and trained individuals.

Tempus can take on responsibility for the cleaning process and ensure health and safety standards are met at all times. You can rest assured that we will safely and efficiently complete the cleaning task in compliance with relevant risk assessments.

Rubbish removal and recycling

Tempus can provide your sites with an effective way to manage waste and reduce your organisation’s environmental impact. We can customise our rubbish removal services to meet your specific needs and make sure we always collect waste at your convenience. In addition to this, we can ensure that your waste is correctly recycled. This helps to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and promote a positive image for your business. Here at Tempus, we have a particular focus on corporate responsibility and sustainability. We are aware of our impact on the environment and we strive to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible.

Most importantly, our team will ensure that health and safety compliance is met and cleanliness standards are upheld. Your team members and visitors to your site will be able to enjoy a clean, hygienic and pleasant environment.

Extract and canopy cleans

Kitchen canopy cleaning needs to be performed with care and expertise to prevent accidents and ensure health and safety compliance. If left unattended, a build-up of grease and grime in an exhaust system can cause kitchen fires. According to the London Fire Brigade, dirty ducts in extraction systems are one of the main causes of commercial kitchen fires.

Planned maintenance is the recommended approach to preventing the build-up of grease and fat. With each visit to your site, our team can assess the condition of your extraction system and provide minor repairs and maintenance if necessary. We will also remove and dispose of your grease trap wastage to remove the risk of bad odours and improve the overall hygiene of your kitchen.

If your extraction system suffers damage, either through fire or some other incident, we can provide you with 24/7/365 reactive maintenance. Our Helpdesk is always on hand to deliver urgent maintenance to help you minimise downtime and get your equipment working as soon as possible. We will always exhaust our resources to find a solution that gets you back up and running as soon as possible. Depending on the condition of your systems, we might not always be able to immediately find a solution. However, we can guarantee that health and safety compliance will be met on your premises.

Window and gutter cleaning

We provide a thorough window and gutter cleaning service to ensure the exterior of your building looks clean and presentable at all times. First impressions are important, and grimy windows definitely won’t be a welcoming sight to employees and visitors. However, keeping your building exterior clean isn’t useful purely for aesthetic purposes.

Blocked gutters and drainpipes can cause damage by becoming too heavy and pulling away from the fascia. This can also affect the water flow, which can lead to water redirecting onto walls and eventually resulting in damp and mould. Tempus can provide you with a comprehensive cleaning service for your building.

No matter the size or the scale of your organisation, our team can keep your windows clean and prevent blocked gutters from causing water damage to your foundations. Our trained staff will clean your premises at your convenience and to your satisfaction, making sure that high standards of cleanliness are met throughout your site.

Pest Control

If left unattended, pest species can:

  • Damage property and equipment
  • Create noise and leave an unpleasant smell in a building
  • Cause healthy and safety problems due to carrying parasites or disease

We can provide a specialist and skilled team to visit your building and handle your pest control problem. Whether you have an infestation of bees, insects, flying insects, or rodents, we have the experience to deal with the issue in a humane and efficient manner. We understand that pests can damage an organisation’s reputation, which is why we provide this service with the utmost discretion.

Once we have completed the job, we can schedule a return visit to make sure future pest problems won’t arise. We can also provide you with advice and guidance on how to maintain a safe, clean and pleasant environment for all users of your premises.

Washroom hygiene

The standard of cleanliness in your washrooms and hygiene facilities can reflect directly on how visitors and customers view your organisation. Our washroom hygiene services ensure that your washroom facilities are hygienic and kept in a clean and presentable condition. By managing and maintaining the washroom facilities on your site, we can relieve pressure and allow you to focus on your business.

Provision of PPE and Equipment

PPE is essential in various workplaces for both safety and sanitary reasons. Keeping PPE supplies well stocked with high quality provisions is crucial. Tempus can make sure you’re always well-stocked by providing you with the equipment you need.

Additionally, should your business require regular top-ups of a certain piece of equipment, we can accommodate this. We work closely with many of our clients to ensure their specific needs are met so that their business can run smoothly and without interruption.

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