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Building Fabric

Building fabric maintenance is essential for keeping up the functionality and appearance of your building. Without this maintenance, your building could lose its aesthetic appeal, which could deter customers or visitors from entering. There is also the risk that your building is not complying with health and safety regulations if certain fabrics are not repaired or replaced.

You can rely on Tempus to keep the building fabrics on your premises looking and working at their very best.

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Fire Risk Assessment

It is a legal requirement for all business premises to have a Fire Risk Assessment. A Fire Risk Assessment is the cornerstone of fire safety for any specific building. At its most basic, this assessment is a review of a building’s fire risk and whether or not it needs further work to make it safer.

Fire Risk Assessments must:

  • Be reviewed regularly

  • Be written down if there are five or more regular occupants of the building

  • Record the main findings of the review and the actions that need to be taken

Tempus can help you to perform a thorough Fire Risk Assessment of your building. We like to work closely with our clients and act as an extension of their team. This allows us to better understand your health and safety needs and make sure you are fully compliant with the regulations.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection systems play a crucial role in risk management. This is not just to protect your buildings, employees and guests, but also your core electronic systems. Shielding your site from spikes or surges in voltage is essential for protecting life and assets.

Here at Tempus, we specialise in ensuring high standards of safety and complying with relevant regulations. The range of hazards from a lightning strike is so widespread that lightning protection systems need regular maintenance to remain in good working order. We can perform these repairs and replacements as part of our planned preventative maintenance on your site.

In a worst-case scenario, we’ll always be on hand to provide emergency maintenance to your building. Our Helpdesk is available 24/7/365 which means you can call us any hour of any day to support your team and with our range of services.

Solar & Green Energy Systems

Corporate social responsibility has become highly important for many businesses in recent years. In the face of the climate crisis, companies and organisations now strive to address social and environmental concerns. By doing this, they can present a positive image of their company and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

There are many ways that buildings can reduce their carbon emissions and use green energy instead. From solar panels to heat pumps, there are plenty of ways to lower your carbon footprint.

Here at Tempus, we are experts in finding opportunities to reduce emissions. As we take our own Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, we’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Whether you need solar panels installed or maintenance and repairs on existing green systems, our team can provide you with a complete service.

External paving

Despite some paving being described as ‘maintenance-free’, all paving requires maintenance at some point. Dust and detritus can quickly build up in between paving slabs and around drainpipes. This will be visible to your guests and visitors and may not reflect well on your premises.

Dirt isn’t the only thing that you should be on the lookout for. Loose paving slabs that move when stood upon can cause people to trip or stumble, which could be a health and safety hazard. These slabs may need to be re-bedded or replaced to prevent them from moving.

Windows and glazing

Here at Tempus, we can deliver a complete range of products and professional installation of glass windows. Working with a range of materials including wood, uPVC and aluminium, we can provide routine maintenance or emergency repairs.

Broken, cracked, and damaged windows can not only dissuade customers from entering a store but can pose a threat to health and safety. We can provide you with a swift service to replace glass panels or glazing at short notice.

We understand the importance of comfort, safety and convenience in the workplace. Whether it’s a highrise office block or a chain of high street stores, our team can deliver you prompt services to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Doors & Fire doors

We provide maintenance and repairs on all kinds of doors you might find in the workplace. From roller shutters to industrial doors, we can provide you with a ‘first-time fix’ to prevent a faulty or broken door from slowing down your business.

In some cases, having doors that work are essential for complying with health and safety. Fire doors or emergency exit doors must always be unobstructed and working at all times. It’s important these do not become damaged or difficult to open.

Our team of operatives can provide you with multi-door maintenance across all of your sites. This can either be as part of our planned preventative maintenance or, in a worst-case scenario, we can perform these repairs in an emergency.

Landscaping and grounds maintenance

Keeping your grounds looking good is essential to promoting a positive image of your company and building. It’s important for customers, visitors, and staff to feel safe and comfortable while on your property, and keeping it clean and well-maintained is a crucial first step in achieving that.

Tempus can take on full responsibility for the upkeep of your external areas. Whether you have acres of land or multiple car parks, we can provide you with a comprehensive and high-quality service.

We take pride in forming close working relationships with our clients. Understanding your business allows us to deliver a proactive and bespoke service that encompasses every need. We work across all sectors and make sure that regardless of the industry, our clients create a lasting first impression for all the right reasons.

Asbestos inspection & removal

Asbestos is a highly dangerous group of substances that can cause a number of life-threatening diseases if inhaled. Materials that are suspected of containing asbestos should only be approached by qualified and trained professionals.

We understand that the need to remove asbestos from your site and ensure health and safety compliance might well be urgent. So whether you have asbestos in a corrugated roof or an old water tank, we can quickly and safely remove the harmful substance from your premises.

Masonry works

Masonry is one of the most durable construction techniques in the world. While it has been popular for centuries and has stood the test of time, masonry does wear down and need to be repaired or restored every now and then.

Tempus can assess the condition of your masonry and provide repairs if necessary. Our team of skilled operatives will be on the lookout for any cracks, chips or more significant signs of damage. We can provide you with a full report of our findings and then carry out the repairs to ensure your building complies with health and safety regulations.

Leak detection & guttering

As part of our building fabric maintenance, we will be on the lookout for any cause of damage to your building and foundations. Water damage can be devastating over time and can cause dampness and mould that can make entire rooms uninhabitable.

If you are experiencing any leaks, we will quickly detect them and identify the cause of the problem. This will prevent any ongoing damage to your building fabrics that could be costly to repair.

Guttering plays an important role in making sure excess water is collected and guided away from your roof and foundations. A leaky or obstructed gutter could cause water to run down walls and eventually damage your building. We will be on the lookout for any such issues and deal with them before the problem escalates.

Man-safe systems and guard rails

Man-safe systems allow safe access to operatives who are performing maintenance works, often while suspended at a height. For this reason, they need to be regularly maintained and kept in a good working condition. Failure to keep this equipment inspected and tested could result in workers harming themselves should a fall occur.

Tempus can take on the task of regularly reviewing your man-safe systems and guard rails to comply with health and safety regulations. This removes stress from your team members as they will know that the equipment is safe to use.


The importance of roof maintenance cannot be understated. Roofs play a vital role in conserving energy and protecting the foundations of your building. With energy efficiency becoming a top priority in recent years, having a well-insulated and carefully constructed roof can make the difference between conserving and wasting heat energy.

Tempus can provide you with comprehensive maintenance to make sure you are getting maximum value from your roof. If you are leaking heat energy, this could amount to expensive heating bills. Multiply that cost up to cover all of your sites and you could be wasting a considerable amount of money.

As well as ensuring energy efficiency, we can clean your roofs to prevent a build-up of debris and dirt. If left for long enough, dampness and mould can damage your roof and shorten its lifespan. The cleaning of your roof would not only help it to last longer but also create a better first impression on customers and visitors.

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