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Why your business needs CCTV

CCTV is more than just a deterrent. We explain why security cameras have become an essential feature of the modern workplace.

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CCTV systems have become standard practice in the modern workplace. Having a simple intruder alarm system on your building is no longer enough. Businesses will always be keeping a close eye on their expenditure and asking themselves if investments are worth it. But CCTV systems provide so many benefits for employers that they have proven themselves to be a necessity.

Crime deterrent

CCTV cameras act as powerful deterrents to criminals as they won’t want to be caught on tape committing a crime. CCTV for small businesses is particularly effective as they are more likely to be seen as easy targets for petty thieves. An experienced security service provider will know how to position CCTV cameras to maximise the field of view and ensure all angles are covered. Business owners will have peace of mind knowing that their security cameras have 100% coverage at all times.

Providing evidence

Despite having CCTV cameras as deterrents, some criminals may choose to take the risk and avoid detection by covering their faces. However, CCTV footage can still be used to identify individuals through height, clothing and other recognisable features. This footage can also be used for insurance claims in the event of a break-in or an accident leading to damages to your building.

The London Riots
in 2011 are a perfect example of this, where CCTV footage was used to identify and charge over 1,000 individuals. Without this footage, the police would have had no way of knowing who was really involved and many offenders may have gone unpunished. If the unthinkable does ever happen to a business, CCTV at least provides the assurance that those responsible can be identified and charged.

Safeguarding your employees

CCTV systems promote a sense of security amongst your staff and help to create a secure working environment. Employees will perform better if they feel safe and know they are accounted for. Employee wellbeing in the workplace has emerged as a key factor in boosting morale, productivity and driving results. With physical safety being an important part of employee wellbeing, the benefits of CCTV in the workplace speak for themselves.

Remote access

As an employer, you may not always be on-site yourself. The rapid advance of technology has provided us with many effective solutions in all aspects of work, and security is no different. Yet another attractive feature of security systems is the ability to view our CCTV camera footage remotely - in real-time. It effectively allows you to be in two places at once!

So if you do need to leave your office at short notice, there’s no need to worry. You can be assured that your CCTV cameras will still be running and if you want to see that everything in your workplace is OK, you can just take out your phone and have a look.

Secure your business

CCTV systems really are essential in the modern workplace. They go above and beyond acting as a simple deterrent. They protect your staff, your assets and your business as a whole. Employers can promote employee security and help team members to be productive and perform better while at work. In the event of vandalism or a break-in, you’ll have evidence to use for insurance claims and footage that the police can use to identify the offenders.

Overall, the benefits of CCTV systems make them an extremely cost-effective investment. They allow employers across all industries to have peace of mind that their building is being monitored at all times. And if it’s a bank holiday or a weekend, you can check your assets are secure via remote access technology.

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