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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is just one of the many facilities management services that Tempus can provide for your building. Whether you need installation of a new system or maintenance on an existing one, we can provide you with fast and efficient service.

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What is HVAC?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is responsible for sufficiently heating and cooling a building to provide a comfortable temperature and adequate indoor air quality. These systems are important because they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, meaning you and your staff can be comfortable while working all year round.


The circulation of clean air through a room will remove any stagnant air and any pollutants, allergens and other particles along with it. This can help to improve the productivity of your team and create a healthier working environment.

Good ventilation in workplaces is essential. As part of our service we can identify areas in your building that are poorly ventilated. This might be because there is no mechanical ventilation there or because there is little or no opportunity for natural ventilation. In these situations, we can create a plan to improve air flow in this part of the building and ensure that the relevant health and safety regulations are met.


Heating is important in the workplace because it’s a legal requirement for employers to provide a ‘reasonable’ temperature for their staff. Balancing good ventilation and well-heated rooms can be difficult, but it’s something that must be done to create a safe working environment.

Natural ventilation, such as partially opening windows, can sometimes be sufficient and can allow for rooms to stay warm and have good airflow at the same time. But depending on the size of your building and the number of team members you have on-site, this might not always be possible. We’ll review your site and work with you to deliver a comprehensive heating solution.

Having your heating systems regularly serviced is a good way to prevent downtime, particularly in the winter. As heaters are used the most in winter and can be susceptible to damage caused by the cold weather, maintenance before winter can save costs in the long run. We’ve produced a blog on the importance of winter heating health checks that explains this in more detail.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is a form of mechanical ventilation that brings fresh air into a building. Some air conditioning units will be simply recirculating air throughout a room instead of using air that comes from a fresh supply.

Since the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to only have fresh air circulation in indoor spaces. We’d recommend only using air conditioning systems that use a fresh air supply or making sure that there is a sufficient supply of outdoor air at all times, such as windows or doors remaining open.

Tempus can assess your current air conditioning units and make sure they’re compliant with the relevant legislation. We can also give our professional opinion on how you can best provide a healthy and safe condition in your building to make sure your team always has a fresh supply of air.

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Here at Tempus, we’re available 24/7/365 via our Helpdesk. This means that you can call us at any time on any day of the year and we’ll be there to answer your call and provide you with our services. With members of our team based across the country, we’ll always be able to reach you and help to try and resolve issues you’re having on-site. We will use all of our expertise and experience to find a solution if possible and at the very least, we will ensure that health and safety compliance is met.

If you need assistance with your HVAC systems, give us a call today and speak to our team. We can provide you with a one-time service or set up a long-term maintenance plan to make sure you remain compliant with regulations regarding ventilation and indoor air quality in the workplace.

For more information about Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and the services we provide, please contact us.

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