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Independent Secondary School

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We have been working with an independent Girl’s Catholic School since 2014. The services that we provide and the responsibilities that we have at this school have evolved since our very first job for them. Not only does the Tempus team implement and manage daily maintenance operatives but we are now responsible for the planned and reactive maintenance across the school, as well as any refurbishments or projects.


In an industry where reputation and quality of education is key, we strive to complete all works in the shortest time possible with a focus on a “first-time fix” and a lack of disruption to students and staff. We work closely with internally sourced fully DBS checked operatives to report and repair all building assets in a timely manner, ensuring staff and students are always safe, and that the building is fully operational for their education.

With every survey, quotation and job, we have the school in mind. We schedule all attendances outside of normal school hours to ensure minimal disruption to the staff and students. Timings can vary due to extra-curricular activities and events so communication with this school and our operatives is key for an efficient and seamless service.

Tempus fully manage all aspects of building repair and maintenance, including the management and communication of third-party specialists and council permit offices. This gives them peace of mind that their buildings are compliant and in full working order so they can focus on the cornerstones of their school and the education they provide.

Tempus have been working with the school on a regular basis to consolidate reactive and planned maintenance suppliers, negotiating pricing with existing suppliers and implementing our own supply chain to improve quality of service, and pricing through economies of scale. Tempus are now the first port of call for any building issue. We have been carrying out full planned maintenance of the school for a number of years and add value by planning for future improvements and projects.

With a selection of dedicated account managers for this client, Tempus ensures any interaction with the school is met with extensive site knowledge and an awareness of ongoing works. With constant communication with internally sourced operatives, Tempus ensure the repairs are completed in a timely manner with little disruption.

We are proud to call this school one our longest standing clients, and since 2014 we have adjusted and refined our service offering and processes to suit their changing requirements from Tempus.


  • Tempus provide a number of operatives on a daily basis to carry out general caretaker responsibilities; carrying out housekeeping, minor repairs, and checks to ensure the school is both safe and operational for students and staff. We are flexible with operative hours and work closely with the school to set-up areas for parent evenings, extra-curricular activities and events. The use of the Tempus Operatives for general up-keep and repairs allows for the reduction of costs and the continual daily maintenance of the building.
  • Communication preferences have been implemented into the process for this client, such as the use of Whatsapp to keep management updated with operative tasks and ongoing repairs. Transparent communication is in place between the Helpdesk Team, Operatives and the client to ensure openness and real-time updates
  • Tempus work closely with the school to complete all reactive and planned works without the disruption of the students and staff. Whether our client needs urgent compliance maintenance or general repairs, all planned works are completed outside of school hours to ensure a non-disruptive solution is achieved. Our operatives are also on hand daily to help with minor repairs that may occur, such as replacing broken lights and fixing faulty door handles. This means our client doesn’t waste time hiring multiple contractors as Tempus provides an all-in-one repair service.
  • Tempus have worked closely with the School’s Team to consolidate and manage existing suppliers to provide cost savings on planned maintenance and project works (refurbishment and new installations). Tempus are now the first port of call for any building issue, providing the school peace of mind to focus on the education of their students.
  • Tempus are heavily involved in refurbishment/project works for the school, providing a free of charge service to design, plan, manage, and provide guidance for any works and/or the supply of materials.
  • Tempus not only manage the planned maintenance for the school but provide a flexible service for whatever the school’s requirements are. For example, we have recently supplied specialist COVID testing kit waste bins and manage the collection and safe disposal of this waste. In addition to this, we review third-party specialist risk assessments for the school, confirming the timeframes and responsibilities of the actions noted, providing an action plan for the school.
  • In 2019, Tempus sponsored and assisted in the arranging of the school’s Sportswomen's Awards Ceremony. We work closely with the school to assist in any special events and regularly support their causes and charity work.

We have provided our client with a range of services to meet their real-time needs, and we adjust our offerings to meet their ever-changing requirements. Our focus is to prevent unnecessary disruptions to education, as well as downtime to building equipment, whilst ensuring they meet compliance. Tempus has taken away the stress and responsibilities of planned and reactive building maintenance involved in running an independent school. This has allowed our client to focus solely on their offering.

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