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UK Facilities Management

Tempus FM provide professional facilities management in the UK for businesses in a wide range of sectors. We offer the full scope of services for business premises management: from Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, CCTV and Site Security, right through to Kitchen and Catering Equipment with 24/7/365 Emergency Support.

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About us

The Tempus FM team has been successfully managing facilities of all different sizes for over a decade, working within a wide array of sectors and helping businesses overcome a number of different challenges. We are considered integral parts of their business, providing the support they need to work effectively.

We are proud to say that our buildings have dedicated 24/7/365 support. Whether our customers need quick answers to simple questions or are facing an emergency and need urgent assistance, we are always there.

Our core objective as a business is for our customers to rely on us when something happens, so we make sure to provide the exceptional level of support you need to keep your business moving.

Our values

Over the past ten years of providing facilities management services in the UK, we have built up a reputation of being a reliable, friendly and hard-working company.

We know that managing a facility properly can reduce the likelihood of negative outcomes in many areas. That is why we work hard to make sure all systems are regularly tested and there are contingencies in place to reduce downtime. We run regular scheduled tests and, in most cases, can ensure everything runs smoothly from day one for our clients.

We also consider the impact to the environment in our decision-making and have made reducing the carbon footprint of the workplace to be a vital part of our sustainably focused business. As part of this, we always aim to ensure good recycling practices at every building we manage.

Facilities management UK

The UK has always been known as a business hub for the rest of the world. Placed between Europe and America, the UK Market has often been seen as an important partner, especially for industries such as financial services, legal services and commodities trading.

As such, work is a vital part of what it means to live in the UK, and creating work environments that are clean, well provisioned and secure can help businesses - and the people within them - thrive.

Ensuring that all elements of the building meet the relevant health and safety guidelines are also critical for elements such as insurance. We help to make sure these requirements are fulfilled and the proper steps have been taken to protect your business. Here are just some of the facilities services we provide to UK businesses.

Interior and exterior fit-outs

Tempus Facilities Management can oversee your refurbishment project and manage contractors on your behalf. We have a proven track record managing budgets and timescales for the delivery of major operations across multiple sites. We also ensure health and safety compliance throughout.

Appliances, installations and rentals

Our team will help you ensure that all appliances are inspected and fit for purpose. However, we are always prepared to supply gas, electric and kitchen appliances at short notice as required.

We can also provide you with installations or rent equipment for you to get you through a busy period. Tempus FM also provides maintenance on current appliances, such as gas safety inspections, to make sure they’re safe to use.

24/7 helpdesk team

Through our Helpdesk Team, we ensure a transparent and effective service no matter the issue or time of day. With the use of our specialised management systems and customer portal, we offer direct access to real-time team notes and information on all resolved and current issues.

Facilities support in the UK

Here at Tempus FM, we have provided facilities maintenance for businesses in a wide range of industries across the UK. From hospitality to childcare and everything in between, we deliver an all-in-one property management service.

To date, our clients cover a huge range of sectors, from a large restaurant and bar chain, a gym chain, and an independent girls' secondary school to name a few. Over the years, our role has evolved as we take on more responsibility and provide additional support.

Flexibility is key to what we do, so whether you work in a small building or in one of multiple nationwide sites, we can scale our services to meet your exact needs. Regardless of where you work or the work you do, we can help.

Where we work

We work nationally with clients in all areas of the UK. Wherever your business is, the service you receive will be of the highest standard, with our well-respected attention to detail and customer care.

Tempus FM began as a small family business in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, over a decade ago. Today we are proud to have a dedicated team that provides proactive and reactive maintenance for buildings and properties every day right across the country.

For any enquiries or further information regarding our services, feel free to contact us on 01702 548 950 or email us at