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Surrey Facilities & Site Management

Tempus FM provides professional facilities management in Surrey and for businesses nationally in the UK. We offer a complete set of options for business premises management, working with business management to ensure they have the services they require to operate successfully.

This includes on-site machinery for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, site safety inspections, installation and maintenance of machinery, right through to reactive support and planned maintenance of a range of different systems.

We provide 24 hour a day assistance 365 days a year as part of our ongoing commitment to customer care.

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About us

The Tempus team have been successfully managing facilities of all different sizes for over a decade. We work with a wide array of businesses and are considered integral parts of their business, providing the support they need to work effectively.

Whether our customers need quick answers to simple questions, have specific facility requirements that they need assistance with or are facing an emergency, we are always there to help.

Our core objective is for our customers to have a well managed workplace and know they can rely on us when something unexpected happens. We make sure to provide the exceptional level of support you need to keep your business moving.

Our values

Having worked with companies all over the UK to provide the best facilities management services, we have built up a reputation of being a reliable, friendly and professional facilities management company.

We fully believe that managing a facility properly can reduce the likelihood of negative outcomes in critical areas. That is why we work hard to make sure all systems are regularly tested and there are contingencies in place to reduce downtime. We run regularly scheduled tests and, in most cases, can ensure everything runs smoothly from day one for our clients.

We also consider the impact on the environment in our decision-making and have made reducing the carbon footprint of the workplace to be a vital part of our sustainably focused business. As part of this, we always aim to ensure good recycling practices at every building we manage.

Facilities management Surrey

Surrey is an important part of the UK business market and given its location just outside of London, it ranks highest for professional workforce and R&D spend. This is in part because of the excellent transport links to Heathrow and Gatwick airports but also due to the focus on innovation and, of course, being a beautiful place to live and work, boasting the title of ‘leafiest place in the UK'.

Businesses in Surrey require the capacity to support their highly professional workforce and cater to markets with expensive tastes. That is why they choose us to work with as a premier partner in facilities management. They know we ensure workplaces are run properly and locations are held to the highest standards.

Tempus FM has a long track record in working with exclusive workplaces and provides top-flight services for the high-end retail and leisure sector.

Cleaning, Hygiene and Environmental Services

Tempus Facilities Management provide bespoke cleaning services both interior and exterior, for businesses in Surrey. Having a clean and well-maintained working environment has been shown to boost productivity, have a positive effect on well-being and it allows businesses to make the most of their space.

We provide regular and periodic cleaning, deep and specialist cleaning, fogging and rubbish removal (and recycling). We also manage kitchen extraction and canopy cleaning, window and gutter cleaning and pest control services for our clients.

As required we can also provide PPE equipment including screens, face masks and signage.

Planned preventative maintenance

Planned maintenance allows you to ensure that every aspect of your building, from heating to electricity and wiring, is working as intended. It proactively prevents issues that might affect your systems and equipment.

For facilities that have lots of essential equipment on-site, regular planned maintenance will give you peace of mind that all of your systems have been properly assessed and serviced. This will help to preempt issues that may occur, identify any problems to be rectified and also remain compliant with health and safety.

There’s a long list of services that run around the clock which are easy to take for granted while they’re working but would cause a huge inconvenience if they broke down, such as:

  • Plumbing and hot water

  • Cleaning and sanitation

  • Access control, security and CCTV

  • Electrical wiring

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

  • Power and lighting

If even one of these were to break down, it would no doubt disrupt the working environment in your building and cause huge problems. The solution at this point would be to call for reactive maintenance to resolve the issue, however, relying on reactive maintenance is not ideal.

24/7 helpdesk team

With the use of our specialised management systems and customer portal, we offer direct access to real-time team notes and information on all resolved and current issues. We are available every day of the week, any day of the year to make sure you have a professional team member on hand to answer queries and provide the facilities management support you need.

Facilities support in Surrey

Here at Tempus FM, we have provided facilities maintenance for a wide range of businesses. From hospitality to childcare and everything in between, we deliver an all-in-one property management service.

Flexibility is key to what we do, so whether you work in a small building or in one of multiple nationwide sites, we can scale our services to meet your exact needs. Regardless of where you work or the work you do, we can help.

Where we work

We work nationally with clients across Surrey and the rest of the UK. Wherever your business is, the service you receive will be of the highest standard, with our well-respected attention to detail and customer care.

Tempus FM began as a small family business in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, over a decade ago. Today we are proud to have a dedicated team that provides proactive and reactive maintenance for buildings and sites every day all over the UK.

For any enquiries or further information regarding our services, feel free to contact us on 01702 548 950 or email us at