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Smart Buildings - What Are They and How Do They Work?

A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to monitor and control lighting, heating, ventilation, security and more. We explain how they work and what some of the main benefits are.

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Smart buildings require building planners to literally think outside the box. These days, there’s more to buildings than simply constructing four walls and sticking a roof on top. More than ever before, organisations are on the lookout for ways to become more eco-friendly and fulfil their corporate social responsibilities.

What is in a smart building?

A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to monitor and control a variety of subsystems and operations. These include HVAC, lighting, access security, electrical services and other systems.

Also known as ‘intelligent buildings’ and ‘connected buildings’, these structures have an interconnected system that allows them to reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

How do smart buildings work?

For a building to become a smart building, it needs to do more than simply contain separate elements that provide comfort and security. These separate elements need to be interconnected into a fully functional and dynamic system.

The connectivity element is essential because it means important data can be shared between different systems in the building. These systems may rely on one another to ensure the right conditions are met inside and outside the building.

By having seamless communication between internal and external systems, smart buildings can automatically tweak conditions to provide the correct environment for inhabitants. This might seem very futuristic, but with smart buildings, the future is already here!

So what does a smart building look like?

You might be picturing something grand in your mind, with hi-tech devices dotted around everywhere and fingerprint scanners on the doors. But in reality, a smart building is more defined by the systems running behind the scenes than the flashy exterior.

Simply put, a successful smart building will be able to use data to automate tasks. For example, an integrated building security system will be able to turn off lights and reduce cooling systems when it detects that occupants are not present.

Sounds simple, right? But what you have there is a smart building at work. This process required no input from a manual operator and the end result is less energy used and carbon footprint reduced. Scale this up across a whole building over the course of the year and you’ll see some real results in terms of energy efficiency and bills.

What are the other benefits of smart buildings?

Smart buildings do a lot more than just turn off lights in empty rooms. As technology rapidly advances, so does the capabilities of all types of software. It hasn’t taken long for this software to be adapted specifically to the task of optimising large-scale operations and increasing site-wide efficiency.

Proactive maintenance of equipment

Because smart buildings are interconnected, they are able to monitor the performance of individual components and systems. This analysis algorithm can detect minor issues and schedule preventative maintenance to prevent major problems from occurring.

Providing valuable insights

Smart buildings are, well, smart. They record data and are capable of tracking multiple operations at once. This data is highly useful for building managers as they will be better informed about the performance of their building and whether there are further opportunities to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Improve work efficiency

When you’re in a relaxed environment where everything’s running smoothly, it’s easier to focus on your work without distractions. Smart buildings take care of a lot of mundane and time-consuming tasks that would otherwise have to be handled by your team members. By removing these responsibilities, it gives you more time to focus on the work that really matters.

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