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Facilities Management

Miscellaneous Services

In addition to the specific services we provide, we also offer a range of miscellaneous services for any unique or odd-job tasks. In the scenario that you can’t find the solution to a particular problem, we can assist you in any task relating to your building and its maintenance.

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Site Operative Services

Our site operative services cover a range of situations where you might need additional personnel on-site, whether it be at short notice or for extended periods of time. Our operatives have the experience to step seamlessly into different environments and comfortably pick up a variety of roles.

Here is how we can assist you:

  • Permanent site presence

  • Holiday / Absence cover

  • Manned guarding

  • General maintenance and ad-hoc repairs

As with all of our other services, our goal is always to provide a simple but effective solution that meets your exact requirements. So, if you only need our operatives on your site during peak hours or on certain days of the week, we have the flexibility to adjust to your needs.

We also understand that during busy periods, things are more likely to break and become more prone to wear and tear. We can have site operatives on-hand to provide general maintenance and ad-hoc repairs, which can reduce costs as you won’t have to worry about sourcing multiple contractors.

Health and safety management surveys

Particularly since the coronavirus pandemic, health and safety has been thrown into the spotlight and is now a priority in the workplace. A survey will evaluate your organisation’s health and safety arrangements to ensure they are correctly following regulations.

These surveys can be used as a benchmark not just for one building, but across all of your sites. Because we will provide an independent assessment, we can effectively review your building and systems and relay our findings in a detailed and user-friendly report.

Winter gritting

In the winter months, roads and footpaths on your property can become hazardous and pose a serious risk to health and safety. When visitors, staff and clients are on your premises, their wellbeing is in your hands. Making sure that people can easily and safely manoeuvre around your site is a basic health and safety requirement.

Here at Tempus, we understand the importance of complying with health and safety regulations. Failure to comply can result in financial loss and injuries to visitors on-site, which are both things that should be avoided at all costs.

Our team can take away the headache of having to deal with snow and ice with our winter gritting service. What makes our service unique is our flexibility and our ability to understand your specific needs. We’ll always be on hand to ensure your site is safe, and if you ever need us you can reach us 24/7/365 through our Helpdesk service.

Project management

We have experience in managing projects for our clients where we take on responsibility for overseeing operations of various sizes. This includes us ensuring functionality, safety, efficiency and general comfort while a project is completed.

As we have a large and experienced team, we can scale our services up and down to meet the requirements of each individual project. Whether the task is implementing new working methods, introducing sustainability programmes or commissioning new works, we’ll be able to undertake significant projects on your behalf.

Furthermore, as we oversee a project, we use our expertise to make suggestions that will increase efficiency and improve the overall quality of the end result. We like to be proactive, tackle issues head-on and ultimately provide a complete project management service.

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services aim to help you improve performance and reduce operational downtime. By reducing waste, eliminating inefficiencies and improving working methods, any business can save money and benefit from a noticeable increase in performance.

We can draw on our expertise and apply it to your specific business to provide practical solutions to short and long-term problems. This ranges from minor, quick-fix improvements to in-depth technical advice on all aspects of operating and maintaining buildings.

By measuring your performance against a set of realistic but attainable goals, we’ll be able to track your progress and observe real results. We work across a range of industries, helping businesses of all sizes to maximise their potential.

For more information about Miscellaneous Services and the services we provide, please contact us.

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